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Why are Asians being targeted during the COVID-19 outbreak?

During these trying times, it has become very difficult to have faith. With countries struggling to contain the deadly COVID-19 virus, one question remains: Why are people targeting Asians? The coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China apparently due to the illegal wildlife market. Viruses transmitted from animals to humans, which then slowly but steadily spread... Continue Reading →

5 signs you’re dealing with a toxic friend

Friendships are something which have the power to metamorphose our life, the people around you and even you, yourself. However, some friendships although you may not realize it, put you down at every step of the way. Instead of being protective, enriching and uplifting, toxic friendships have the opposite impact. Toxic friendships between females can... Continue Reading →

What is Mansplaining?

On the occasion of International Women's Day, I wanted to educate the world about a certain word that stereotypes women as dumb or ignorant. Living in the postmodern digital age, certain words crop up every day and it is really important to acquaint yourselves with those terms. To be politically correct is what they say.... Continue Reading →

Podcast Special!

Recently, I got the chance to showcase my blog to a bigger audience through the medium of a podcast. My podcast episode is part of a special series called Blogmas by Seneca College's Seneca Media. Doing a blog is as fun as it sounds, and I couldn't be more happier because this clearly is a... Continue Reading →

5 women, 5 stories on why they became feminists…

Intersectional feminism, essentially means identifying and taking into consideration that experiences faced by women are multi-faceted, heterogeneous, and have huge cultural dimensions. It is not overtly white, able-bodied or cis-gendered. I talked to a few friends of mine, who identify themselves as intersectional feminists and asked them what led them to feminism and how has... Continue Reading →

5 films every feminist needs to watch!

Some films remain etched in our memories and give us worthwhile life lessons to ponder over. Below is a list of such films, that every aspiring feminist should watch. Although there are a lot more, these films just form a starting point to create a dialogue about feminism, through the usage of the visual medium.... Continue Reading →

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